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"The first smart and easy to use crochet tool in the world for stretching Granny Squares"

The title "Home - made with Mouwtje" at the top of this page says it all All the products you find on this site are designed and made by myself. It all started in 2014 with chrocheting a warm hat for my son.

The Crochet virus had tackle me again and soon followed more Beanies on request. That time I decided to start an online store. In addition to making Beanies, I increasingly received questions if I could make shawls/scarfs. And also I picked that up. The number of scarfs I made is countless.

At the end of 2014 I was helping my girlfriend with making the GrannyBlockStation. This useful tool has been designed by her and was initially sold by her. However, the production and the sale was too much work for her. Then she asked me if I would take over the production and sales of GrannyBlockStation. Now the Grannyblockstation is sold worldwide. Many people have bought one and they all make now perfect granny squares on GrannyBlockStation. Do not hesitate, buy so!

If you have any questiones, please contact me. (send an email to info@mouwtje.nl)

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