Granny blockstation 8 pins

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Granny Block Station©

"The first smart and easy to use crochet tool in the world for stretching Granny Squares"

Each Grannyblockstation comes with 8 pins.

Size of board 35 x 35 cm 

Size of squares which can be crocheted: minimum 2.5 cm x  2.5 cm and maximum 30.0 cm x 30.0 cm. 

8 Pins: 

  • Galvanised and coated in plastic, covered with nylon fabric for extra protection against rusting.
  • Pins can be screwed-on to the boards for use and they can be shifted to different places on the board. The size of your hooked square determines the form in which it can be blocked, for instance in the shape of a square or in the shape of a diamond, on the Granny Block Station.
  • Each pin is 12 cm long.

The blocking station comes in a bag for protection.

PAY ATTENTION! For some time there are imitation blocking stations on the market. We only sell THE REAL BLOCKINGSTATION!


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